Audit & Assurance Services

We provide audit and assurance services to help clients comply with regulatory requirements. Each member of our audit team has more than a decade of experience in audit and assurance.


Financial audit lies at the heart of the financial reporting regime.

Assurance and Review

Our assurance services provide comfort to businesses, their owners, and stakeholders.


Your comprehensive guide to the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

Independent, quality of financial statement audits

Audit services have been long associated with the traditional domain of verification and assurance. However, in line with the recent shift in global audit perspective, we have realigned ourselves and have shifted our focus on the creation of value for the entities being audited.

The regulatory environment for corporations in Pakistan is growing in complexity and auditors are now in a partnership with their clients in ensuring that compliance is made to the emerging needs of reporting and regulatory requirements. The business environment is rapidly changing and new challenges are constantly creating new opportunities. The stakeholders, particularly the shareholders, need accurate, timely, and reliable financial information to be able to take correct decisions in prioritizing the use of their investments and resources. The same information is also demanded by the audit committees who have to oversee the management of affairs by the company. Thus, the role of auditors can now easily be spoken as assurance providers as well as advisors to various stakeholders.

At Umair Manzoor & Co. we are redefining our role that not only we provide the required assurance but also help the corporations to identify and manage the risks. We are creating value for our clients by helping them identify and understand the risks that so far have not even arisen to a prominent level. Since, competing globally, the businesses have to be proactive on risk management, we are there to help them in this ever-complex process.

Modeling and Analytics
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As the needs of businesses and stakeholders are evolving so is the experience we give our clients. Digital transformation, fast evolving technologies, complexity and change in regulations are key factors affecting today’s business functions and performance.

With quality at the heart of our business, and through a range of services, we use our powerful technology to deliver trust on evolving business needs and stakeholder expectations. Taking a holistic view of your business, we work with you to provide transparency across financial and non-financial reporting.

We will work with you to navigate risk, strengthen business functions and support management with the guidance needed to make well informed decisions. We will draw on our worldwide network of resources, our community of solvers, which is committed to helping our clients protect and strengthen every aspect of their business, from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience.

Our Core Areas

Our core areas of audit and assurance comprise the following:

  • Statutory audits and Reviews
  • Management audits, cost audits, and performance audits
  • Internal control and corporate governance reviews
  • Certifications on regulatory requirements 
  • Compilations and other agreed upon procedures
  • Statutory audit of financial statements
  • Assistance and supervision in maintenance of accounting records and preparation of financial statements / management reports
  • Advice on accounting standards and corporate accounting practice
  • Financial analysis & budgeting
  • Compliance audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Stock-counts & asset-counts
  • Control assessment & validations
  • Forensic audits


Richard Garrett

We're thrilled with the end result - especially the fact that the project went live in time for a series of important meetings in the nation's capital.
We're thrilled with the end result - especially the fact that the project went live in time for a series of important meetings in the nation's capital.

Audit QualityTransparency in Using Advanced Tech Drives Trust

As advanced technologies have taken a prominent role in business, they are impacting not only efficiency and profit but also the value of a trusted name. Trust is either increased or diminished based on how technological capabilities — including emerging tech, artificial intelligence and data monetization strategies — are managed, deployed and communicated. The foundation for trust is transparency in both data use and privacy protection.
Board governance of the ethical use of advanced technologies and capabilities figures highly in trust, transparency, reputation and valuation — and stability and growth.

ICAP documented the role that boards play in ensuring that trust in their organization is protected. Participants examined how advanced capabilities may impact the business model, customers and employees.
Get the perspectives of board directors from across industries on corporate governance, ethics, compliance, philosophies and management techniques around data privacy, personalization and monetization.

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