Business Process Outsourcing

UMCO provides end-to-end services to optimize, standardize, and automate core business processes. Specifically, in the case of F&A BPO, core business processes that revolve around financial planning

01Firm to Firm Outsourcing

Providing services to public accounting firms internationally currently serving firms in KSA and Canada

02Corporate Secretarial

Our tailored corporate secretarial services include full compliance with governance requirements

03Accounting and Reporting

Our consulting team represents qualified and experienced members of the Internationally recognized accounting and reporting

04HR and Payroll

Align your HR and payroll strategy and operations to support company objectives for organizations

05Tax Compliance

In business establishments, the management has to implement a taxation strategy to fulfil the tax compliance.

06Secondment Services

Secondment means temporary employment of staff by a beneficiary with the right for the staff to return to the previous employer

Why Outsourcing?

Numerous organizations are thinking about Outsourcing as a vital alternative to use outside resources to perform exercises generally dealt with by interior staff. Even though the most well-known motivation to outsource is cost decrease but the outsourcing procedure may likewise prompt quicker turnaround time, Increase proficiency and adequacy of tasks and exercises, diminishes risks and above all help the business to move its attention on doing more important exercises.

Umair Manzoor and Co. Chartered Accountants ( UMCO Pakistan) is one of the leading solution providers in Pakistan. The blend of an improved and experienced group of experts and utilization of best in class innovations empowers it to convey devoted, fast, and financially savvy solutions. Close working association with clients is on a fundamental level of our effective service delivery.

HR / Payroll Management Services
PEO / Co-Employment
Accounting Services

What We Offer in BPO?

We offer the option of providing professional advice or a full-service option where we will do all the work for you:
Business Process Outsourcing

  • Accounting Services
  • HR / Payroll management services
  • PEO / Co-Employment

We use modern web-based tools and technologies (including but not limited to SAP, Sage, Quick Books, etc.) to facilitate smooth and timely delivery of outsourcing services. Which results in;

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced cost
  • Timely accomplishment; and
  • Clearly defined and measurable outcomes

Based on our experience of multidimensional assignments including outsourcing of entire function of accounts and finance and selected elements of financial statements, the approach would be to work as an extended part of the overall Monitoring and Finance and accounts department to take the following benefits;

Our Approach:

have a liaison with external parties
augmentation extended office team
Time-saving due to real-time communication
To approval requests quickly
And monitor processes
Workflows effectively

Accounting services

We deliver accurate and comprehensive accounting services to businesses of all sizes from individually owned businesses to partnerships and conglomerates. As well as entirely flexible solutions to cater to varied business needs as well as comply with the local laws and international financial reporting standards.

The Services includes:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of periodic financial statements
  • Audit support
  • Specialized management reporting
  • Compiling financial projections
  • Attending your board meetings to present financial results

HR / Payroll Management

A wide variety of tasks that would typically be handled by several vendors are managed by HR/payroll management outsourcing services. These duties range from administration to benefit plan management, payroll processing, and hiring and training. Our services can benefit; Reduced management cost, Hassle-free administration, Increased efficiency, Reduction in administrative workload, Security and confidentiality, Accurate management and high-quality reporting.
Maintaining the security of management and company information as well as sensitive employee data is one of HR’s top priorities. Our outsourcing services at UMCO successfully guarantee confidentiality and secrecy. We emphasize statutory compliance and its execution while taking into account every factor that may have an impact on the law owing to the daily difficulties of operating a business, which, if not resolved within a specified time period, may result in future obstacles.
Our services include;
  • Payroll management
  • Funds disbursement and payslip distribution
  • Legislative compliance
  • Recruitment & training
  • HR Policy procedures manuals


Professional Employee Outsourcing (PEO) can economize some of the most challenging aspects of your business. It can give a business access to superior services than it could find or create on its own.
Our professional employee services, that can be delivered onsite, include.

  • CFO / Finance Manager
  • ERP – System Administrator
  • Company Secretary
  • Tax Compliance Officer
  • HR Manager
  • Other highly technical staff

A primary goal of the co-ownership is to provide;

  • Cost-effective environment
  • Reduced administrative and regulatory burdens
  • Quick turnaround
  • Ensure hassle-free succession

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