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We help our clients achieve transformation by helping the organizations adopt technologies that help them face the challenges of digital age.

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Technology transformation is an essential part of competitive business strategies today – a strategic transformation can help decrease costs, increase value, drive efficiencies, boost performance and even improve engagement for employees and customers. The challenge is to achieve value-driven transformation and innovation amid the ongoing operational and competitive challenges that face every organization.

Umair Manzoor’s technology transformation team understands this challenge and applies deep technology, data, cloud and automation experience with fresh strategic thinking and proven partners to find the best path to your goals. With the right practical approach, you can make the moves that will help you achieve your technology transformation vision.

We are Professionals

Being professional accountants, we completely understand our clients’ accounting needs. This coupled with our technical expertise in a computerized accounting system results in improving the efficiency of our clients. Successful implementation of any accounting package is greatly dependent upon the availability and quality of the support services available. Realizing that our clients would constantly need to be in touch with us on their technology needs, we have established a separate division having the most up to date equipment, applications, and foreign-trained professional staff. It is our commitment to provide prompt solutions to any problem being faced by our clients.
Our services include:

  • Distribution, installation, and implementation of ODOO, XERO and Quick Books financial accounting & business management software
  • Installation and networking consultation
  • Training
  • Technical & after-sale support & troubleshooting
  • Customization of software
  • Installation and up-gradation of software
  • Financial and management consulting for the adoption of computerized software
  • IT system audits

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